Purchasing Uniform Items

The school’s supplier of uniform items is Anglia Sports and Schoolwear Ltd.

Please ensure all uniform items are marked with your child’s name.  The school cannot take responsibility for lost items.

School Uniform – Compulsory Items

Items marked with a * can only be purchased from Anglia Sports and Schoolwear
  • Philip Morant School blazer with pocket badge *
  • School tie in House colour *
  • Tartan Pleat School Skirt * or Mid-grey uniform style trouser
  • Plain white school shirt with button-up collar to wear with a tie
  • Formal black shoes, with laces or secure fastening with FLAT or VERY LOW heels
  • Plain black socks ankle or below the knee or black opaque tights
  • School lanyard and cashless card

School Uniform – Optional Items

  • Bottle Green V-neck school jumper
  • Appropriate outdoor coat (large enough to be worn over school blazer)

PE Kit – Compulsory Items

  • Philip Morant Short Sleeve PE Top *
  • Bottle Green PE Socks or unbranded Green PE Football Socks
  • Any one of the following (1), (2) or (3)
    1. Black loose fitting sports shorts
    2. Black tracksuit bottoms
    3. Philip Morant Sports Leggings *
  • Appropriate sports footwear
  • Hairbands for those with long hair
  • Tape to cover ear piercings that cannot be removed

PE Kit – Optional Items

  • Philip Morant black PE outdoor half zip-up top (new from September 2021) *
  • Philip Morant black PE hoodie (only for years 9 and above in September 2022 and no longer available for purchase)
  • Plain black base layer
  • Gum shield (recommended for rugby)

Uniform Standards

The school believes very strongly in a policy of full school uniform for all students in Years 7 to 11 and in maintaining the very highest standards of dress and appearance appropriate to the workplace. School uniform helps to create a positive, corporate, community identity for the students of the school, fostering a sense of belonging and responsibility. Wearing the uniform correctly enables all students to present themselves as business-like, professional and ready to work as well as provides all students the opportunity to be appropriately and equitably dressed, in a style that is of reasonable cost and durability.

All students will be expected to wear full school uniform correctly from the beginning of term and at all times when involved in school business. Students are not permitted to adapt their uniform with the addition of non-uniform items or omission of regulation items during school time. Students will be advised regularly, and at least annually, of what items are and are not permitted. Parents and students are urged to note and follow the spirit as well as the letter of the school uniform regulations.The lists of regulations and regulation items will be reviewed regularly and updated as necessary. Parents will be informed of changes to the list and allowed appropriate time to accommodate changes to the regulations.

Skirts have been designed to be at or just above the knee (no more than 5cm above the top of the knee cap at any point in the school year) and should be worn at this length. Students should not roll the waistband over to shorten their skirts and any tailoring of skirts should not make the skirts shorter than this length.

Parents/Carers are asked to inform either the form tutor or the House Manager why a student is temporarily unable to comply with the uniform regulations (this can be by note, email or a phone call). They will then supply the student with a note regarding the issue, with a clear expectation of when the uniform issue will be resolved. This note should be presented to all other staff who may challenge the uniform issue.

If a parent has difficulty, financial or otherwise, in providing full or appropriate uniform for their child(ren), contact should be made with the school where appropriate support or alternatives can be arranged.

Students can expect the school to apply proportionate interventions/sanctions for the failure to rectify infringements of the uniform regulations.

  • Please CLICK HERE to see more information on acceptable /unacceptable coats.

School Footwear

  • Shoes should be plain black leather/leather-look and be securely fastened at all times. They should be of an appropriate style, suitable for everyday wear in the workplace – either flat or with a very low heel.
  • Trainers are not considered suitable footwear for the school day. They should only be worn for PE.
  • Canvas (or similar) shoes are not considered appropriate.
  • Leather ‘Converse’ or ‘Vans’ style shoes are not appropriate.
  • In extreme winter conditions (e.g heavy snow/ice) the school will adopt an appropriately relaxed attitude towards alternative footwear appropriate to the conditions.
  • Please CLICK HERE to see more information on acceptable /unacceptable shoes.

Appropriate Hairstyles

Extreme hair styles are not permitted. Hair should be of natural colour, shaved designs, excessively short hair and over-long hair extensions are considered to be extreme. Hair accessories should be appropriate for the professional workplace.

For health and safety reasons, long hair must be tied back in some curriculum areas.

Make-Up & Nail Decoration

  • Make-up and nail varnish/decoration are strongly discouraged.
  • False nails, gel nails and acrylics are not permitted.
  • Subtle, natural and minimal make-up and nail decoration will be accepted. Students will be expected to remove their make-up or nail varnish where excessive quantities or extreme designs/colours are worn.

Jewellery & Piercings

  • Students are only allowed to wear a wristwatch, a single unobtrusive ring and a single pair of ear studs (one in each earlobe). Students will be asked to remove any additional items of jewellery (including bracelets).
  • Students are not allowed to wear facial piercings at school. If, with a parent’s permission, a student has had a facial piercing (nose, lip, eyebrow, upper ear), a clear retainer must be worn at school in place of the metal piercing.
  • For health and safety reasons all items of jewellery, including watches, must be removed for PE and some other practical activities.

The school cannot accept responsibility for the loss, theft or damage of items of jewellery.

PE Kit

It is essential that students share the responsibility for the safety of all in PE. Wearing the correct kit is essential, in addition to wearing it well. Sports trainers should be worn for PE to ensure support and cushioning is provided when exercising. Trainers must be laced and tied securely. Studded boots and shin pads will also be required for some activities. Gum shields are recommended for rugby. Hair must be tied back and jewellery removed. Valuables will be collected and locked away at the beginning of each lesson. PE staff will only take responsibility for school permitted jewellery, purses and wallets.

Second-hand uniform

The Essex Free School Uniform Project has been set up to provide new and used uniforms and other school items throughout the entire school year with the aim of alleviating the pressure on parents by helping with the cost of school uniform. Click here to visit their website for more information or email uniform@dnanetworks.org to submit a request or click here to offer a donation of used uniform.

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