About Us

The History of The Philip Morant School and College

The Philip Morant School first opened in September 1965 to pupils aged 11-13. Since then the school has expanded and currently has over 1700 students on roll. The Philip Morant College, providing post-16 education,  was established in 1996. The School and College became part of The Sigma Trust in January 2019.

The School Badge

The school badge is built upon the following foundations:

  • A crown from the arms of the Borough of Colchester
  • A torch, to signify learning and endeavour in games and sports.
  • A chevron (part of the coat of arms of the Morant family)
  • An open book (both to commemorate Morant’s great interest and achievements in the field of history and to represent academic study)

'Aspiration - Success - Kindness'

The ethos of the school is encapsulated in our school motto – ‘ASK’  – Aspiration, Success and Kindness.

We encourage everyone to  aim for the best they can achieve, but always to do so with kindness.

'Hold fast to that which is good'

This is the original school motto which still hangs in the Main Hall.

Sigma Trust – Mission, Vision and Values

To be “Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts” represents the mission statement for The Sigma Trust. We believe we are stronger and more successful working together than we would be as separate institutions.

The mission for each academy within The Sigma Trust is to ensure that no child is left behind. Education should foster in its learners a curiosity to discover who they are and what they are capable of, together with developing the resilience for them to test the boundaries of their abilities, and build the skills necessary to face the future with confidence.

View the Vision and Values of Sigma Trust.

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